will Heros continue this season?

I just watch the "season Finally" of chapter 5, at the end it says chapter 6. "A brave new world". In season 3 they split it into 2 chapters. It seems surprising that they would end the season so early. Does anyone know if they will continue with Chapter 6?
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I have been a fan of the show from the beginning but it has gone from bad to worse. All the characters I liked are never on and it's become all about Claire and her sexual orientation with a goofy roommate, a funny talking Carnival man. LOL! Craziness. While [former badass] Sylar is bad then good then bad then lonely, WTF!!! The once interesting and leads the Petrelli brothers had become sub plots and bad ones at that. [Peter] originally one of the coolest heroes of them all became a pathetic depressed ambulance chaser while Nikki well LOL comes back as a twin sister Really?? a nice way to eliminate her son with the power to communicate with the machines. While Hiro, Mohinder, Parkman Nathan all good original characters just came in went week to week in cameo parts. While that ugly multipling guy sucked up screen time.Did we really need to know the carnival guys backplot and love story /stalker crush? The show is like Noah with no family, company or Haitian both no longer have a direc
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i wish it returns....
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