Elise has got to go!

What a B....she always looks like one, acts like one and thinks she rules the world. Yet last night almost all the red team wanted her gone, not Carrie. And does she ever shut up? Someone really needs to put her in her place. And how ballsy for both sides to have a contestant who yells back to the sous chefs! Andie was right - disrespectful indeed!
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elise is the best on the show. shes talented and she is a leader. that is y shes still around and more likely to make it to the top three than carries non cooking ass
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I have been watching this show since it started, and I have really had to keep from turning the telivision off. Elise is so obnoxious, I cannot enjoy the show. What surprises me is that Ramsey puts up with her. If she wins this competition, I will never watch the show again.
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Elise is not the most talented, and most definitely is not a leader, a leader doesn't come running into a room and states "I AM LEADING THIS @(%*#" A leader leads by example, a leader must be willing to actually work just as hard as the rest of the "team" if not harder. Elise isn't doing that, the only reason elise is actually still on the show is she brings up drama which boosts ratings, she'll be out soon enough. Just like that blonde chick last year, she made it to black jackets too.
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#TeamElise B***hes! She will win this!
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The only reason Chef is keeping her is because she causes drams and keeps up ratings, I think it's sad that other more because talented contestants have gone home because she's an obnoxious beast that everyone loves to hate.
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