hannah motana

hannah montana was born 1992 novenber the 23rd hannah montana gets filmed at tribune studios in hollywoo, california hannah montana: the movie was filmed in tennessee and la. tv show.....all the filming began in april 2008 in los angles, california, columbia, .... for the scene that miley stuart/hannah montanna's travel back......on th 31 march 2009 hannah montana the movie shot was taken on the 27 augest 2008 it all got filmed on the 17th jun 2007 there was tickets getting handed out hannah montanas wardrobe has a seret door inside it you move the cloths out the way and there it is and all them cloths are for the standing singing in frount to all of us she is like a billion air in my dreams maybe she is maybe she isnt you never know up until you find out .........
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