How do you feel about Ben & Serena and Blair & Dan?

Do you think the writers will set these characters up to be legitimate couples? They do seem to have passionate feelings for each other, whether it's infatuation, retribution, loving, or loathing. Do you think Ben is just another plot device to prolong Serena and Dan's relationship? Do you think Blair and Dan will become more than just allies? Do you WANT any of these things to happen? Discuss. :)
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I sooo totally think that Blair and Dan will develop into something more. As far as Ben being a prolonged device into S & D's relationship....come on! Am I the ONLY one that thinks it's sick that the step-siblings are having a passionate love affair? Has that issue even been thought of by either the characters or the writers? I mean...EWWWWWW!!! Plus, their relationship, S & D's, is ILLEGAL in the state of New York. I guess I am reading more into that issue.. But I would love to see something happen between B&D...
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I want B&D... I love Blair with Chuck, but I've always wanted to see those 2 together.. it would be an amazing love/hate relationship..
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