Lopez Tonight Tickets

Yesterday (February 23) we attended a taping of Lopez Tonight. According to the ticket website the tickets for the show were to be first come first served, When we arrived at the location there were approximately twenty people in front of us (my sister, my friend and myself are senior citizens of Hispanic descent). Once we got to the head of the line we were given numbers 114-116 which should not be as there were again twenty people ahead of us. Some of the people were given plastic tickets and when I asked why we did not get one she said we had what was needed for the show. The ticket handout was supposed to be at 2:00 p.m. they did not start until 2:15. we had stood in line since 12 p.m. Then we were told to be back by 3:00 p.m. which did not allow enough time to get anything to eat. Fortunately we came prepared and ate our lunch in our car. At 3:00 we went back to the staging area. At 3:45 a woman started calling out for the holders of VIP tickets which appeared to be mostly white people. Then the numbers continued to be called and it appeared as if we were the last ones to get seats even though we had being there since 12! The young women handing out the tickets were white and the couple behind us were white and they received VIP tickets. When I saw them after the show I asked them how did they manage to get the VIP tickets she said she did not know. I can tell you how she was young and white and we were not! This is the last time I will go to see a taping of George Lopez. When you attend Dr Phil you are given a number in the order of which you arrive at the taping not by selecting you from a group of your peers. George you have lost touch with your people. My sister and I have attended your stand up appearance in Long Beach, Universal Studios and Thousand Oaks, but I can say I will never attend another one after the cold shoulder we received yesterday.
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