Lynz2727 wrote: .We like Friday Night Lights, because it is indicative of real problems with real people. It is very to similar to what happens in small towns across America. From the NYT to Wall St Journal to San Francisco Bay Area papers, FNL is by far one of the greatest TV programs of all times. I have seen many blogs & writters from various area in the country write their disappointment that the show was cancelled. The NBC Pea!$#!# continues to loose her feathers because of poor judgment by the network. NBC has done everything possible to turn viewship away, from the irregular scheduling of FNL and finnaly cancellation. However, if everyone remembers, last year so many came to the rescue so that FNL was continued in a partership with NBC & Direct TV. Too bad that somewhere, or someone did not see the value and purchase FNL in order to continue the wonderful saga of small town communities fighting for the best life has to offer. Many of us will hold Friday Night Lights and the cast forever in our hearts. Lynz2727 .
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