dog the stupid hunter

i think he is the biggest stupid ass on tv i would love to see the show when he gets his stupid looking ass kicked but of course they will never show that one hes not a cop hes noting but he runs around n does all this !$#!# i cant wait till he finds the right person n gets his stupid long hair ass shot or beat up bad he thinks hes mr. tough n his !$#!# dont stink walks around n pushes everyone around like there crap cause hes with his crew or the that going searching whit his dumb ass lets see how tough this !$#!# is let him go out himself after someone n i dont mean a 15 year old kid and see if he gets him hell get his ass kicked he needs his little buddies with him to protect him so he can walk around on the show with his arms sticking out like hes the hulk LMFAO whatever u just make me puke...........ftw
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