Do you think the Bolen`s story line is really working ?!

I really really think the Bolen story line is going well because I loved when right when I thought Julie Mayer was getting along with her life they go along and make a major twist and strangle her -- I mean I loved how they really really mystified me in the "Nice is Different than Good" episode !!
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I wouldn't say the Bolen's story ISN'T working but compared to previous seasons the mystery just isn't up to the same standard. I have seen all episodes to date and hope that something pulls it up a notch or two in the last few episodes of this season with John Barrowman's character being in it acting as the 'bad guy'. Also the last episode better be really shocking and good but not with a really annoying cliff hanger to make it pay off, I will watch the show as long as it runs as I love it and have followed it from the very start so I can't give it up but I think it is time for them to pull their socks up as it were!
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