My Lifetime Ideal Male Role Model - by Greg Payne

Dear Mr. McCallum, For most all of my life I have always chose you as what I would call my ideal Male Role Model, someone outside of my family that had unique characteristics that were good positive factors to have incorporasted into my life. I first saw you on a U.S. History film where you plasyed the part of President John Adams. Then of course I saw you on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. as Illya Kuryakin, but it was here that I noticed alot of very noble characteristics that I wanted to incorporate into my charascter if I was to make out a list of these charastics from your personality that I decided were good things to have addopted the list might look like this. 1. Very intelligent and quick witted 2. Prefered to think your way out of your problems in very clever and witty ways, vs losing your cool of which you never did lose your cool you worked well under pressure and your quick wittiness usually saved you. If for any reason should you have a failure you usually just gave a funny look of dispair and tried all over again in a different and very clever way and would usually come out on top of things! 3. I highly admired you during probably the hardest times of your life was the closing down of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and as threat from the Federal Government not to go on with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2 seasonal series, and the lose of your wife Jill Ireland to Charles Bronson and yet you still had the courage to film and act right along side of Charles Bronson in the movie "The Great Escape" to me to real and true courage and to show no antimosity towards Charles Bronson and the terrible situation you were placed into gave you a type of a genuine hero image you really took that one off the chin good job well done! For once there was a true and genuine man that projected the ideal male roll model for everyone to follow! 4. You were also very athelitical you were a champion swimmer, you were very quick and light on your feet when it came to the martial arts that you would do on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 5. I think, however, deep down you took the lose of your wife Jill Ireland to Charles Bronson very hard, because the acting parts you took showed great hurt and I think it may have been your way of acting it out, because you played the part of a World War II pilot that went "flack happy" and cracked up mentally it wass here wass where you showed great hurt for what had happened to you. You handled things really very well cvoncidering your tragedies you still as famous as you weere you still stayed out of the Tabloids you never allowed your name to be drug through the mud! Shortly after that you played the part of Doctor Frankenstien cutting apart dead bodies while Egore your assistant was out digging up more bodies. I guess what I'am say is you were deeply depressed and took on aall thev morbid parts that probably nobody wanted! Even "Duckie" takes on a more light hearted yet morbid part. Anyway I could go on about this all night but the real bottom line is this David thank you for being such a true and genuine roll model You have unconsciencly helped me in my time in need too. Thank You David foryour strong character Dincererly Yours, Greg Payne
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