Danielle finds her voice on Thursdays Big Brother After Dark

I think I know exactly what Danielle is up to as far as making an alliance with Shane and Britney...As far as Shane goes it is get even time because she believed what Ian had told her about a showmance between JoJo and Shane this proves how gulable and stupid she really is so now she wants to play him to get even for what she thinks was being two timed by him...as far as Britney is concerned she is afraid that when the coaches become players (which they will) she has a better chance to stay in the game if she is friends with Britney..little does she know that Britney will step on her like a bug when she feels the need...She may have found her voice but all that comes out is noise nothing significant she is trying to play the game but is not very convincing...bye bye Danielle I give her two weeks at the most....Love you JoJo. Go NY!
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