I am very disgruntled right now. I went to vote and the phone number for one of the couples DOES NOT GO THROUGH on my home phone however it will go through on my cell phone. I feel as if this is not a fair way for people to vote. Those people that do not have cell phones their call for this couple will not go through and COUNT!!! Is this how the show controls who goes forward and this couple should be advancing but it is still unfair to whomever it is happening to that the calls SHOULD go through and count. The message that comes up says "THE NUMBER THAT WAS DIALED COULD NOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED. PLEASE HANG UP AND DIAL YOUR NUMBER AGAIN." I really love DWTS however this leaves me feeling as if the show really is fixed and the FANS VOTES do not count or the show purposely disconnects a certain couples phone number so fans will be forced to vote for a couple whose phone number WILL GO THROUGH AND BE CONNECTED. I'm very disappointed with Dancing with the Stars if I'm correct.
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I had basically the same problem. I tried for nearly three hours to vote for Melissa and Tony and NEVER got through. I voted onlne but never could get through on the phone.
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