Most of the BB15 Cast have No Class or Morals!

Have you tried to watch BB After Dark? It's a shame that a lot of the conversations cannot be aired because of the filthy things they say and then Amanda bragged about that not too long ago! Amanda is constantly laying all over McCrae which is disgusting and uncomfortable for the HG and viewers...I wonder how their families feel about it. Andy is a horrible human being and should be ashamed about his two-faced ways, of course in his bio he said that he would be the biggest back stabber. But Amanda is not far behind Andy...with McCrae a close third. Helen and Aaryn are the only players that gets the game. Elissa said she wanted to learn from Rachel's mistakes, but does the whining. Can't help it though she is may favorite. I think the other HG are funny when they can't figure out why Elissa treats them the way she does (Helen tolerates)...duh because you all are gross. The other HG fart, belch, cuss and just in general are like 13 year olds trying to be older than they are!
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I second everything that you say Trish !! Andy is a little WORM !!! Amanda is the worst mean girl bully that I've ever seen !! I hope that Elissa and Judd go the distance .Clean it up Big Brother , or I won't be watching anymore !!!!
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