I demand that you explain why you can't stop watching this unconvincing 35 yr old orphan string along two doctors and their Nobel-level medical researchers! She has just chosen as a date the glasses non-entity; but it's Mr. Gorgeous that shows up! Martha and Jonathan Kent- where ARE you?? Somebody needs to ADOPT this orphan/supermodel once and for all!! Like I was going to watch Kristen karate chop ppl for New Yawk's finest and stash prime beefcake in a warehouse for her endlessly inconclusive evaluation? Was I? Was I going to sit still for another round of her Trust and Honesty mini-sermons to some monosyballic stud doing good and hiding his True Feelings? Was I? Not on your life- until I heard The Voice again- that voice- calling for Parents- and some pasta or something to reverse the ravages of starvation. I mean you can't fit a PIPECLEANER through the legs of those 7's or whatever jeans they are...
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