Americas Talent

History shows the only real talent America has is the dubious one of being best at killing each other.... now and in the past... eg. since the end of the Civil War 1865... in all the wars/military actions / peace keeping ?? operations etc. that the american military has been involved in the death toll of US.Service people has not reached the number they killed of each other during the 4/5 years of the Civil War .. further more with a current death toll by JUST! shooting in excess of 30,000 citizens per year no other country in this world will ever kill more yanks than they kill of each other, short off dropping a Nuke on them.. the actual number of murdered/ killed violently per. an. in the LAND OF THE FREE by guns and other methods exceeds 100,000 .. if that was any country other than the GOOD OLD US of A, Peace keepers THE UN. ETC. would be in there like into Lybia, Afghanistan,Croatia, etc. etc. not so much the LAND OF THE FREE . more like THE LAND OFF THE FEAR
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