Candice Glover

on 3/27 she gave a lousy performance. 4/3, we learned through "Backstage" shots quotes from other contestants "with with her own room she is a "Brat, mean to Bernell, admittedly tried to play a CRUEL and potential dangerously "TRICK" on Lazaro by trying to set off the fire alarm and as a visible and announced by Ryan Seacrest as a consequence hurt her foot, limping throughout her performance. This "TRICK" was not only a cruel and dangerous stunt it was a blessing Candice Glover was the one hurt instead of Lazaro, as intended. I COULDN'T BE MORE DISCUSSED THAT CANDICE GLOVER WAS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN THE COMPETITION HAVING COMMITTED SUCH A HORRIBLE CRIME AGAINST AGAINST ANOTHER CONTESTANT. PRODUCER'S, IS THIS THE CHARACTER AND BEHAVIOR OF AN AMERICAN IDOL. Also, if you noticed, Burnell was the next contestant to be eliminated/not saved, and Lazaro's performances after this "TRICK" gone bad, as Candice Glover would put it, has been sub par. Do you think, if you were Lazaro, you would feel safe and perform at you best knowing Candice Glover could have any potentially time have a little dangerous 'TRICK' up her sleeve to shake him up. I watched the show tonight when Lazaro was eliminated from last nights poor performance. Look at the tape looking at Candice Glover through the entire show, particularly at the end. MY QUESTION TO AMERICAN IDOL PRODUCER'S IS, do you really know what is going on behind the scenes, and moreover, when you show the evil on television, to you allow Candice Glover to get away with her evil acts and move her forward as as a contestant with the integrity expected of an American Idol. PRODUCER'S: DO SOMETHING ABOUT CANDICE GLOVER NOW. Your non action is only letting future contestants and children watching that backstabbing and intimidation of other people is the way to get to the top.
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