Sgt. Angel Batista

Sgt. Angel Batista

Played by David Zayas

Detective Batista (David Zayas) is a homicide detective for Miami Police Department on "Dexter." He is a hard-working man, but is quite flirtatious, which leads to the demise of his marriage to Nina (Angela Alvaredo). After they separated, he wore his ring so no one at work suspected his marital problems. Batista investigates crimes scenes with Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) and usually relies on Dexter's expertise and hunches to guide him to solve cases. He wants to increase his depth of friendship with Dexter, but due to Dexter's personality and nature he has found it hard to get close to him. Batista eventually gets promoted and develops a relationship with Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Velez), whom he later marries.

Memorable Quotes:

"Don't go down that emotional road..Just go down on her. It's easier if she's distracted"

"Tell the Universe what you want!"