Lt. Maria Laguerta

Lt. Maria Laguerta

Played by Lauren Velez

Lt. Maria Laguerta (Lauren Velez) is the hard-nosed on-again, off-again Miami Metro Police Department lieutenant on "Dexter". She is often shown as an intimidating character, but her softer side has shown through on many occasions. Though she generally is set on doing things by the books, she is not above bending the rules if it benefits her. Maria has been known to throw a friend under the bus to protect her own interests, but tends to do the right thing in the end -- all the while keeping her hard as nails reputation intact whenever possible. She secretly married Detective Angel Batista (David Zayas). Being his boss, their relationship often centers around the inherent power struggle that arises from their involvement.

Memorable Quotes:

"Enough! Glad to see the sexual harassment seminar really paid off."

"Take care of personal stuff, Dexter. Take very good care."