Something's Coming

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 12/2/2007
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Gabby reveals that she is back with Carlos and actually plans to leave town to escape from his current husband, who is due to be released from the hospital shortly. Karen alerts the ladies that a tornado is coming and she agrees, although reluctantly at first, to let Lynette, her kids and Tom, stay in her basement. Susan leaves a “See me.” note on Mike’s secret drug stash and an argument causes Susan to fall down the stairs. Arriving at Gabby’s house, Carlos finds Victor armed with a guy. The two wrestle for it and end up in the street as the tornado rips through the street. Victor is impaled by a wayward post and Carlos is knocked unconscious. Orson hauls Sylvia, Katherine, and Bree into a small closet. Sylvia is killed when she comes out of the bathroom to get Adam. When it’s over, all houses in Wisteria Lane are still standing except the McCluskey’s, which held Ida, Tom, Kayla, and Lynette’s children.