Smiles of a Summer Night

Season 4, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/7/2007
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Julie is forbidden to go to a party despite approval from Susan because of Mike. Later on, Susan reveals that she just wants Mike to feel that he is part of the decision-making process but she is free to go. Meanwhile, Lynette is looking for company during her chemotherapy sessions. Everyone is willing but she picks Gabrielle, who reveals that the reason why she is uncomfortable about the set-up is because when her father died of cancer, she was instructed by her mom not to cry about it to avoid disappointment for her dad. During lunch, meanwhile, Katherine swaps her pie with Bree so that people will get to try it. Bree is furious and wants to know her secret ingredient. Carlos is blackmailed by Edie to marry her lest his secret bank account be revealed.