Now I Know

Season 4, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 11/4/2007
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Mike reveals to Susan that his father is not dead, as he previously told her, but is in jail for murder. She wants to meet him to get information on any hereditary disease her unborn child might get from him. Mike sides with his father and justifies his crime. To celebrate the victory of his wife over cancer, Tom wants to take Lynette to celebrate. She, however, is too preoccupied with a loose possum on their yard, which, she says, reminds her of her cancer, which disrupted their lives. Danielle arrives at a Halloween party and impersonates her mother, much to her dismay. Meanwhile, Gabby leaves her husband, who is running for governor, for Carlos via voicemail. Afraid of the damage a divorce might have on Victor’s image, his dad tries to bribe Gabby to stay with him.