Julie Mayer

Played by Andrea Bowen

In "Desperate Housewives," Julie Alexandra Mayer (Andrea Bowen) is the daughter of Susan Delfino (Teri Hatcher) and Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi). Julie's character evolves from being the ground force for her emotionally unstable mother, to her no longer being the "perfect" daughter.

Julie is supportive towards her mother and their relationship is more of a friend-friend relationship rather than a mother-daughter relationship. She helps Susan deal with issues regarding her love life, such as her divorce from Karl. For a while Julie is involved with Zach Young (Cody Kasch) until she discovers just how disturbed he is. Even thought Julie breaks up with Zach, he continues to stick with her in efforts to win her back. Subsequent to Zach, Julie starts seeing Austin McCann (Josh Henderson), Edie Britt's (Nicollette Sheridan) nephew, whom she gives her virginity to.

Danielle Van de Kamp (Joy Lauren) and Julie are very close friends, until Julie finds out that she is sleeping with Austin as well. Subsequent to her mother giving birth to M.J (Mason Vale Cotton), Julie goes off to Princeton. One day while taking out the trash, she is strangled from behind by a masked attacker and left for dead. Her neighbors on Wisteria Lane believe it to be Danny Bolen (Beau Mirchoff) with whom she developed a close friendship.

Julie is an extremely sympathetic person, most often putting other people's wishes before her own. She has an inclination to fall for problematic men and has a hard time straightening herself out from detrimental relationships.

Memorable Quotes:

"You want something bitchier, then do it yourself!"

"There are only two guys in this world who know all your flaws and have still found a way to love you. You're just going to toss them both away?"