My Body Is a Cage (2)

Season 10, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 8/12/2010
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Adam feels pressure to detransition from his mother and his fellow students. He decides to dress up as Gracie for supper with his grandmother. He then starts to live as Gracie again and begins to burn himself. It is revealed that Adam has resorted to self harm to cope with his gender dysphoria in the past. After Clare catches him burning himself, she convinces Adam to stop trying to please everyone else and resume living as a boy. Adam‘s mother decides to accept him and joins Eli, Clare, and Drew in burning Adam‘s "Gracie" clothes. Anya struggles to deal with her mother‘s cancer, and sabotages a school project with Holly J. and Sav, which Holly J. took as being mad about them being together. Meanwhile, Dave is still trying to get the attention of Miss Oh, and finds out she just broke up with her boyfriend.

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