Ep #11025

Season 44, Episode 75 -  Air Date: 2/25/2009
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Greta comes face to face with her mother. Eric misses Nicole. Kate confides in Nicholas about missing Victor. Nicole tries to tell Brandon about being bought by Kate but just as she‘s about to say it she walks in the room. Sami and Lucas argue about their son‘s happiness after putting Will to bed. Claire finds out from Nancy and Craig that Ali drugged her drink. Carrie and Austin, worried about Mike, go to Ali‘s appartment and discover the Carrie Doll and her travel plans. A frantic Claire tells Austin about Ali‘s attempt at suicide in Las Vegas and Carrie tears into her that she allowed Ali to go even more crazy so she could get the three million dollars from University Hospital. Austin calls Roman and the police go in persuit of Ali and Mike. On the road, Ali learns that Mike recorded their conversation and has Tony rough him up. Soon after, the police chopper arrives on scene demanding they pull over. Ali decides if she can‘t have Mike, no one will and drives over a cliff