Ep. #10749

Season 43, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 1/28/2008
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**from SoapCity.com**Jack returns home from Vegas and calls Wentworth to try to salvage his career, but Wentworth has already decided to give the editor-in-chief position to someone else. Later, Jennifer tries to console Greta, but Greta breaks the news to her and Alice that she‘s leaving Salem. She‘s decided to resolve all the issues she has with her father. Greta goes to see John and tells him that she‘s leaving town. They share a touching moment as it‘s revealed that John is not her father. Greta goes back to Jennifer‘s to gather her stuff, and crosses paths with Jack on her way out. She lets him know she‘s been hurt by what he‘s done to her, but she knows she‘ll be able to forgive him with time. After she walks off, Jack starts to go into the house only to find his key doesn‘t work and his stuff is out on the porch...Meanwhile, John is feeling nostalgic, knowing Greta is gone and Belle will soon go off to college. Brady hints about his big life changes and John worries that Brady