Ep. #10627

Season 42, Episode 189 -  Air Date: 8/6/2007
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PREVIEW: Belle bids Salem ""adieu"" for Paris. SUMMARY: At the Harley house, Belle is finishing up packing for Paris. She realizes that she has too many clothes and not enough room. In the hall, Cassie runs into Shawn as she is bringing more luggage for Belle. He tells her that he is more nervous, but she insists the pills probably haven‘t kicked in yet. They go into Belle‘s room, but Belle is not sure what to think when she sees Shawn. Cassie leaves to give them some time alone. They aren‘t alone long when Shawn gets a call from his dad. Belle realizes it‘s Bo and tells Shawn she is going to get her laundry and leaves. Bo explains to Shawn about the possibility of Larry still being alive and Shawn flies off the handle. Bo tries to calm him, but Shawn says he‘s going to kill him, and Bo says that this is a police matter. Shawn is upset because ""that will be the day"" and hangs up on Bo. He then moves restlessly around the room, eventually putting his fist thru the window. Belle comes