Ep. #10529

Season 42, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 3/19/2007
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PREVIEW: Marlena rejects Cassie and Rex; Shawn & Belle share an intense kiss yet Shawn breaks up with her anyway; Brady and Chloe make love. SUMMARY: At Brady‘s loft, he and Chloe are there and Brady expresses his worries about Tony‘s condition. He says that he wouldn‘t be able to handle it if Tony ends up paralyzed because of him. Brady wants to call the hospital for an update on his condition, but Chloe says she will do it. She is, after all, the daughter of the chief of staff, she may have more pull that he does. After she calls the hospital, she tells Brady that Brenda told her Tony‘s out of surgery, but too soon to know if he‘s still paralyzed. Brady says that he is to blame. Chloe tells Brady that she can‘t help but feel grateful to Tony and maybe instead of feeling guilty, perhaps he should try to feel the same way, because he saved his life. She says if it weren‘t for him, they wouldn‘t be where they are right now. They talk and cuddle on the couch and she is happy to b