Ep. #10390

Season 41, Episode 208 -  Air Date: 8/31/2006
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Sami‘s plans seem to be falling apart when Austin opts to sleep alone on the floor, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She moves down there to be with him and starts kissing him, but as soon as Austin realises it‘s her and not Carrie, he pushes her away. Sami tries to make Carrie think that her and Austin are ‘blissfully‘ happy, but Carrie isn‘t buying it. She knows her sister too well. Mickey shows up with a surprise...Will! Social services has agreed to let Austin and Sami have a supervised visit with their son.Jack waits for Daniel, but when he receives no word from him, he leaves with Laura, and goes to see Abby. He is shocked and angered to learn that Peter is planning to take Abby along on a six-month cruise with him and Jennifer. Jack can‘t bear the thought of being separated from Abby for six months, but Jennifer agrees with Peter‘s suggestion when he says they‘ll make sure that Abby can call Jack whenever she wants.Bo is convinced that Billie is in danger fro