Ep. #10352

Season 41, Episode 170 -  Air Date: 7/10/2006
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Sami and Carrie are still arguing. Carrie tells her that Austin never will love her. But Sami blames Carrie for destroying Will‘s life. She makes her feel guilty. Austin and will return to Sami‘s place to eat something. There he has a nice father-son talk while Sami‘s is manipulating Carrie.John stops Susan but before she turns around, the shop woman tells her that they may have another pair of gloves. Susan leaves but John stops her again. Celeste & Marlena have a talk about her dream. Marlena analyses her dream. She‘s also curious why Kristen went back to the Blake house. John explains to Susan about buying the gloves for his fiancée. He doesn‘t recognize her. Susan sells him the gloves. John tells her that she looks familiar. But then he finds out she‘s pregnant. John informs Susan that is fiancée Kristen also is pregnant. Both women are about the give birth at the same time. Coincidence? When Susan baby kicks he may feel it. He never felt Kristen baby however. John talks about Kri