Ep. #10030

Season 40, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 4/4/2005
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Nancy again tries to get Chloe to tell Brady that she is really alive by showing her a newspaper clipping of Nicole and Brady together. Chloe agrees to tell him the truth, but changes her mind after seeing her face in the mirrors. Mimi heads down to the docks to find Stan/Sami, but finds Mimi there and assumes that Jan told Stan/Sami about her abortion. The two fight, and wind up in the water together. Stan/Sami calls John to let him know he has more pills for him. John says he doesn‘t need them, but Stan/Sami advises he‘ll be at the usual place. Shawn is convinced that he and Rex can find Philip together, but Hope, Belle and Bo try desperately to convince Shawn that the idea is crazy.