Ep. #950

Season 4, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 8/14/1969
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At the hospital, Roman‘s livid with Roberto. He reminds him he told Billie there was a contract out on Franco. Kate screams for him to say what really happened, and Roberto says Sami killed Franco. Roman furiously leaves the room and doesn‘t know what else he can do to save his daughter. In the hospital room, Roberto‘s family say their goodbyes to him.In the Limo, Nicole still doesn‘t understand what‘s going on with Lucas and tries to get him to talk to her. Lucas watches the TV as Tracey screams about Sami and her son being raised without his mother and it hits Lucas hard.From the death chamber, Harry Grunwell reports live on the procedure that will happen during Sami‘s execution, and Sami watches in horror from her cell. Sami prays with Orin for a miracle, and Marlena walks in saying she might have that miracle. She tell her she went to Stefano and Sami knows how hard that had to be for her. Marlena doesn‘t care, and the two talk about her childhood, and how she lost her for