Ep. #903

Season 4, Episode 146 -  Air Date: 6/5/1969
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PREVIEW: Jennifer and Jack‘s first show shocks Salem; Shawn grows concerned about Hope; Kate offers Belle an exciting opportunity.SUMMARY: At Basic Black, Brady arrives to talk to his father, who is in the midst of a meeting with Kate. Kate excuses herself so the two of them can talk. Brady starts off by thanking John for giving him time off to be with Chloe, especially after he begged him for the job. John can tell there is more on Brady‘s mind than that and he tells Brady just to spit it out, so Brady says that he is quitting. He goes on to explain that he helped Chloe make a list of things she wanted to do and that got him thinking about his own life. He says that beyond the superficial perks of his job there, he hates it. John says they both knew that he wasn‘t going to make it his career. John tells Brady he did a good job, and hopes that he has a plan and asks him if he‘s going back to school? Brady says no, he‘s going to work for Victor at Titan. John tells him no way. John t