Ep. #1007

Season 4, Episode 250 -  Air Date: 11/6/1969
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**from SoapCity.com**Tony orders Colin to find out what is going on in the basement of the hospital. Meanwhile, John is down there interrogating Cassie and Rex; he‘s thrown when he shows the twins his tattoo and Cassie mutters, ""The Phoenix."" He realizes they don‘t know anything except what Marlena has told them. Tony calls John and asks him to come to the mansion, as a diversion to get Colin into the basement area. After John leaves, Colin chloroforms a doctor to gain access to the area; he uses a high tech gadget to disable the security cameras and takes photos of the area and the twins while they sleep. As he‘s doing this, Cassie has a nightmare with Belle and Shawn trying to rush them out of the hospital. John shows up at the DiMera Mansion and Tony spins a tale to keep him occupied. John leaves and runs into Jack, warning him to be careful around the DiMeras. Later, Tony learns that Colin was successful and realizes it‘s just a matter of time before he uncovers the truth...Jenni