Ep. #1000

Season 4, Episode 243 -  Air Date: 10/28/1969
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Cassie walks up to another student and asks him for his top, explaining that it‘s not for her it‘s for a friend. Anwar bets Maxxie £5 that she won‘t get it, Maxxie takes up the bet. She eventually does. She then tries to get his jeans, but he overhears and runs off. Then George walks along, Michelle tries to get his jeans. Maxxie bets £10 that she can‘t, which Anwar takes up. George decides not to. Maxxie says, "Double or quits" to if he can get George‘s jeans. George gives up his jeans and then Maxxie kisses George, and to the realization that George is also gay, Anwar exclaims, "The whole fucking world is gay". The rest of the scenes are from the episode.