Ep. #9897

Season 39, Episode 215 -  Air Date: 9/27/2004
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Bo continues to search for Billie, but when he finally locates her, she‘s in pretty bad shape. She begs Bo to warn the others, but before Bo can move, both he and Billie are shot with darts. Hope goes to Tony to ask him to help her bypass the forcefield so she can go after Bo. He declines to help her, and tries to convince her that her family would be traumatized if anything happened to her. Hope manages to get her hands on his remote and takes off, and Tony tells Bart that anyone in the jungle is fair game. Shawn awakens, and Lexie asks whether he‘d prefer to see Belle or Jan. With flashbacks of Belle and Philip in his head he asks for Jan, who shocks Philip and Belle by announcing their engagement.