Ep. #9896

Season 39, Episode 214 -  Air Date: 9/24/2004
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On Captive Isle, Tony explains to Bart about how he faked the victims death. He switched Jack‘s body with a look alike. He shot a dart in Maggie and Caroline‘s neck. He drugged Cassie, Roman and Doug. Alice, however was not meant to die. He programmed Marlena to veiw the murders and he went through eternal pain himself to get his name off the list. Tony still carrys the scars of the tiger! Back in Salem, Belle still awaits to see Shawn and Jan continues to tell everyone that she and Shawn are going to be married. Back on the island, John, Roman, Maggie, Doug, Jennifer, Abe and Marlena explain to Hope about their plan to escape but she claims that she won‘t leave until she finds Bo! John and Roman urge her to stay becuase people like Alice may get hurt! Caroline and Cassie stay behind gathering food for everyone and Bo is still looking for Billie! The captivies of Melaswen are coming back to Salem.