Ep. #9820

Season 39, Episode 138 -  Air Date: 5/24/2004
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Mickey gives Bonnie a brooch he had initially given Maggie when they had opened Tuscany, and even Bonnie is surprised at herself when she finds she just doesn‘t feel worth of gift, which Mimi later congrulates her mother for. Bo and Hope continue to be concerned that they have yet to hear from Shawn, and Bo finally tells Hope that he‘ll put in an unofficial request to have the other officers keep an eye out for him. Nicole keeps an eye on Shawn while Jan is preparing to bail Crystal out of jail, but visions of a shirtless Brady almost have her releasing him from his bonds until she has second thoughts. A griefstricken Sami feels like she has lost everyone who loves her, but Lucas assures her that he will still be there for her no matter what.