Ep. #9783

Season 39, Episode 101 -  Air Date: 3/31/2004
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Bo and Hope are shocked to find Alice barely alive, and desperately trying to tell them what happened. Hope begs her grandmother to hang on as Bo calls for help. Tek and Lexie finally show up, and Lexie has the heartbreaking job of telling Bo and Hope, and the recently arrived Shawn and Belle, that Alice is gone. Despite Shawn‘s grief, he does his best to comfort Belle, as Hope tells Bo that if Marlena is guilty, it means that Belle lied about her alibi ... and that Belle may be responsible for Alice‘s death. At the penthouse, John confronts Marlena, who caves and runs into his arms, only to pull back with his gun in her hands and telling him that she will kill him. She tries to force him off the balcony, and as the two struggle, Marlena trips and falls over the side, much to a watching Sami‘s horror. Nicole is terrified that Marlena has figured out that she and Jan were behind Victor‘s death, but all Jan can think about is getting Shawn.