Ep. #9782

Season 39, Episode 100 -  Air Date: 3/30/2004
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Luckily for John, Sami‘s bullet missed, and he is able to overpower her and handcuff her to her car. Sami remains convinced that John is the serial killer, and is desperate to save her mother. Kate and Lucas, who took off from his apartment to find Sami, manage to free her, and Sami insists that John is after Marlena. Jan prepares to drop the stereo in the tub to electrocute Belle when suddenly the power goes off, and Nicole is there, berating Jan for trying to use the same method on Belle that she did on Victor. Shawn shows up to find Belle asleep, and tries to find the words to tell her about Marlena. Although Alice tells Marlena that she still loves her despite what she has done, it‘s not enough, and Marlena claims her final victim.