Ep. #9781

Season 39, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 3/29/2004
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As Alice begs Tom for strength to help her get through this, Marlena watches her from outside, planning exactly how she will kill the Horton matriarch. As she walks into the door, she is confronted by Roman‘s spirit, who begs her not to do this. Although Marlena can‘t forget all the good times, she also remembers her victims as well, and says she is doing all this for her family. Kate tells Sami that John says Marlena is the killer, but Sami refuses to believe her, and takes off. After she and John collide on John‘s way to Alice‘s, Sami holds his gun on him, and refuses to believe him when he swears Marlena is the killer. Jan watches Belle in the tub, fantasizing about killing her and getting Shawn for herself, as Shawn rushes over to Belle‘s. After crashing the car, Shawn continues on foot.