Ep. #9743

Season 39, Episode 61 -  Air Date: 2/4/2004
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John takes Marlena back to the penthouse, and evne suggests sleeping on the sofa, but she demands that he leave. She finally blurts out that she‘s the killer, but John completely misunderstands her comments, and takes it to mean that Marlena thinks that she is the killer‘s next victims. After finally getting John to leave, Marlena sits down to pour over a scrapbook of her victims, but is particularly agitated when she comes to the pictures of Roman. She flashes back to Roman‘s shock that she was the killer, and murmurs to himself that his big mistake was marrying Kate. She tells herself that she‘ll have to kill Celeste if Celeste knows the truth, but after looking at a picture of John, she decides to go tell him the truth, because John has always understood.