Ep. #9741

Season 39, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 2/2/2004
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Tony‘s autopsy reveals his cause of death was a fatal dose of a drug, not complications from his tiger wounds; The guard identifies the mysterious doctor that entered Tony‘s cubicle was Marlena, and to cover, she makes up a story and tells the police that a nurse entered his room while she was there; Lucas tries to get to the bottom of Sami‘s ‘I love you‘ comment at the circus but both are too afraid to admit their true feelings; Rex feels guilty that he accused Tony of being The Salem Stalker; Lexie comes up with the brilliant idea of having Marlena hypnotize her mother to unearth the killer‘s identity that apparently rests in Celeste‘s subconscious; Celeste experiences an unaccountable chill as she and Marlena briefly lock eyes; Sami hatches a plan to really make Kate miserable after an innocent comment made by Will makes Sami realize that the best way to make Kate miserable would be for Sami and Lucas to get together; When Lucas later returns home, and making sure Kate can see, Sami