Ep. #9740

Season 39, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 1/30/2004
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Tony, realizing his life is slipping away, desperately tries to name the killer to Lexie and John but is unable to speak, but he Tony manages to reach out and grab Marlena‘s hand; Tony later has a relapse and goes into full cardiac arrest, but loses the battle and dies; Lexie comments that Tony‘s body seemed to be shutting down and orders an autopsy, which gives her some startling results; John wonders why Tony grabbed Marlena‘s hand and she explains, saying that as Tony was dying he was remembering the past when he and Marlena were closer; Tony‘s ghost appears to Celeste and tells her it is up to her to stop the killer; Brady and Victor ask Nicole if she had anything to do with Tony‘s relapse/death; Nicole lies and admits she came to see him but never got into his room, but her lies come back to bite her when Victor finds her barrette in Tony‘s cubicle and realizes Nicole lied to him; Belle continues to worry about her parents; Shawn receives the bad news from John that Tony has died;