Ep. #9739

Season 39, Episode 57 -  Air Date: 1/29/2004
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Tony goes into cardiac arrest and Lexie gives her brother the adrenaline he revives and is poised to reveal the killer‘s identity; Nicole continues to prey on Brady‘s big heart and lies to him about Colin Murphy‘s murder and she goes to the hospital where she tries to confront Tony; Celeste has a premonition that Tony will die; Shawn brings an emotional Belle home, wanting to take care of her; Belle appreciates his gesture but she wants to be the one to pamper him he saved her and her dad‘s lives; Belle gives him a sensual massage and they talk about their fears of Tony dying before he can reveal who the killer really is; Little do they know they have their own more pressing matters... voyeuristic Jan is hiding, in the rain, on the fire escape watching them.