Ep. #9738

Season 39, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 1/28/2004
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In the aftermath of the tiger‘s rampage and circus fire, the tiger has gotten away; John and Hope ask Marlena to speculate from the list of circus attendees as to who could possibly be the killer - Unless it‘s Nicole, Marlena has no idea; Tony is rushed into the ER; Tony is stabilized and Lexie is confident he will pull through and name the killer; Celeste gets major vibes that Tony will not make it; evil is near and the killer is about to strike; Nicole is being kept under surveillance in case they need to question her about murder cases in town; Brady tells Nicole he believes she is innocent; Belle encourages Marlena to reunite with John; Marlena tries to enlist John in helping Belle through their separation but John still doesn‘t understand why they are apart; Rex feels guilty that he believed Tony was the killer; Bonnie ""faints"" to get Mickey‘s attention and he brings her to the hospital for tests; Julie is suspicious of Bonnie‘s intentions and Mickey tells Julie to stop reading in