Ep. #9737

Season 39, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 1/27/2004
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Everyone is horrified as Tony, about to name the killer, is attacked by Horton the Bengal tiger; The killer disables the lights and when the emergency lights come on, we see that the tiger has dragged Tony‘s body off; Hope orders the tent to be cleared and the hunt is on for Tony, the tiger and the killer; John orders Marlena to hide someplace safe until the tiger and the killer have been caught; He also orders Philip, Shawn, and Rex to take Belle and Mimi to safety; Bonnie, Mimi, Kate, Belle, Sami, and Julie take refuge in the empty tiger cage, but Belle sneaks out to try to help Shawn and her dad; Doug and Philip try to get the backup generator working; Hope, Shawn, Rex and John, armed now with a different tranquilizer gun, continue the hunt; The women in the cage are scared and to protect them, Sami locks the cage; Bonnie accidentally sets the straw next to the cage on fire with a cigarette butt and everyone battles the flames; Finally, the fire is put out and the women are saved; T