Ep. #9736

Season 39, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 1/26/2004
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It is a race against the clock as Tony takes the center ring and attempts to expose The Salem Stalker; Our masked killer unleashes Horton the tiger using a drugged dart, which turns Horton into a ferocious beast; Brady finds himself trapped and hiding in tight quarters with Nicole as they try to avoid the tiger; Nicole wants Brady to make love to her and forces him into a kiss - which is interrupted by Victor; Sami, Lucas, Doug, and Julie look for Will, but as Sami and Lucas find Will, Horton finds all three of them; Will climbs to safety but Sami and Lucas are forced to find haven in a clown car; Lucas wants to go out where the tiger is to warn everyone, but Sami slips and tells Lucas she loves him - she quickly backpedals but Lucas is clued in and gives her a kiss; John and Hope track the tiger and the tiger nearly gets an unassuming Marlena but John steps in and saves her; Bonnie, still without her contact lenses, stumbles upon the killer‘s remote control device and unknowingly rele