Ep. #9734

Season 39, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 1/22/2004
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The Horton Foundation circus begins; Tony lurks in the shadows, still planning to reveal the identity of the stalker during the finale; The killer stalks the tent and overhears Celeste reminding Tony about her premonition of an out-of-control tiger; Sami puts together a plan to accidentally kill Kate after hearing Lucas plan a knife-throwing act with a blindfolded Kate; Sami locks Lucas in a portable restroom and takes his place onstage - and Kate panics as Sami begins throwing real knives; Lexie has made arrangements for Jennifer to have another ultrasound; Jennifer refuses to confide in Abby about the risk to her own life; Lexie has to give bad news... the baby probably will not survive and Jennifer‘s life is also threatened; After Jennifer overhears Abby talking to Doug and Julie about how the baby has to survive to keep her daddy‘s love for them alive, she is deeply moved and announces her decision to have this baby, no matter what the risk; Shawn, Rex, Philip, Belle and Mimi perfo