Ep. #9733

Season 39, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 1/21/2004
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Salem residents wake up to an anonymous ad in the newspaper announcing that the identity of The Salem Stalker will be revealed at the Horton Foundation Circus; John tells Hope he suspects Tony placed the ad - and he is correct; Hope gets a call from Bo with an update on the search for Billie, but she doesn‘t tell Bo about the ad; Hope warns Tony the cops and the ISA won‘t allow him anywhere near the circus, but when Celeste arrives at the circus, she sees Tony miraculously emerge from a very small crate; Belle and Shawn visit Marlena and almost catch her with Jan; Jan secretly meets with Nicole; Lucas and Philip find an unconscious Kate in her room at The Salem Inn, but she eventually shows up at the circus; Sami begins to scheme: if she can make it look like an accident, she could kill Kate and get away with it; Brady overhears Victor threaten Nicole‘s life and Victor insists that this is Nicole‘s last day of freedom; Later, Nicole listens in on a phone call as Victor urges Tony to an