Ep. #9732

Season 39, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 1/20/2004
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Tony meets privately with Victor and Nicole listens; Victor tells Tony that Nicole murdered Colin Murphy and, he believes all the other victims; Nicole is aghast when it looks like Victor is using Tony to put a hit on her and takes off; Bo must seriously re-think his position and Hope urges him to go to Europe to look for Billie; Bo and Hope are privately aware this could be their final goodbye; Bo leaves and we see the Salem Stalker lurking outside the house; Shawn is suspicious when Tony talks about the tiger being the perfect instrument of death for a clever killer; We see the killer lurking and listening and Tony catches a glimpse of a black-hooded figure; Shawn goes after them, but the killer gets away; Brady meets with his dad for advice about Victor and Nicole, John advises him to stay out of the middle, but Brady doesn‘t know if he can; John and Belle learn about Bo going after Billie; Nicole goes home and tries to convince Brady that Victor is the guilty one... he murdered Col