Ep. #9731

Season 39, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 1/19/2004
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Tony and Celeste speculate that Celeste‘s vision and Tony getting a tiger‘s claw/tooth from his Zen master means that the serial killer is somehow connected to a tiger, when they arrive at the park, they are shocked to see the tiger and Tony is fascinated by it - the perfect killing machine; Doug and Julie explain that they rescued the tiger from an inhumane situation and that it will be given to the circus performing for the Horton Foundation benefit; John wants to move back into the penthouse, but Marlena refuses and goes back to Roman‘s grave; Marlena asks Roman if John is the killer and the sky grows dark and a vicious wind whips up. Marlena has had a waking nightmare – that she is attacked by the tiger! Hope arrives back home as Agent Spector tells Bo the person who is in danger is Billie Reed she has disappeared in Europe; Newspaper clippings of the Salem killings were found in her hotel room and there was an audio message left for Bo – the message is full of static and Bo can on